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Swimming Pool Spa and Hot Tub Repair

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   A-Pro Services is a swimming pool, spa, and hot tub repair company based in Oklahoma City.  Our primary business is the sale, installation, and replacement of swimming pool safety covers and  in-ground vinyl liners.   Our goal is to provide the finest products of their kind in the world, and excellent professional installation by people who care about the end result.  Because it's not just a pool..

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The Basics of Swimming Pool Safety Covers

    The decision to purchase a swimming pool safety cover is a wise one, to protect loved ones, children and pets.  We don't suggest that a pool safety cover be used instead of a fence, but in addition to one.  Even when it's not swimming season, the pool is still a big part of the back yard, so a pool cover should be attractive, durable, and most importantly of all, safe.   The cover should fit the pool properly, so as to define the perimeter.    

Rectangular covers

should only be used for rectangular pools, because an incorrectly fitted cover will wear prematurely, and is not considered safe.  There are standard, rectangle based shapes, including  Grecian,  which are "stock" sizes, with or without step extensions.  If a stock cover size is exactly the correct fit for your pool, that's good.  They are generally less expensive, and ship very quickly, because they are already "made and waiting".  But if your pool has cutouts or variances, your new safety cover will need to be custom made for your pool.  Custom rectangles take a little longer, and cost a little more.  Rectangle based  swimming pool safety covers are manufactured for approximately 12" overlap.  It is best to have at least 3 feet of concrete all the way around the pool since the anchors are set  30" to 32" from the edge of the pool. Contoured , or "custom" shaped  pools

For contoured , or "custom" shaped pools, ("kidney" or oval shaped pools, for example) your pool professional can measure the pool by triangulation, and  install a perfectly fitted cover, which will give many years of attractive protection.   Form fitted covers, as they are called, are made with the straps closer together, and that is part of why they are much more expensive.  The straps are closer together in order to minimize premature wear at the pool line, and to allow the cover to more closely follow the shape of the pool. Form fitted safety covers are manufactured with 15" - 18" overlap, so it's better if your apron is wider, but 3' is enough to properly install the cover, without using short springs.          [ More about proper fit ]

Types of Safety Covers

Mesh Safety Covers

Mesh covers are by far the most popular, because they are light weight, strong,  attractive, nearly maintenance free, and cost less than solid covers.  The material is a fine weave, with straps every 3 or 5 feet, depending on the shape of the pool.  The ends of the straps are attached with strong springs to anchors which are mounted into the pool deck.   These anchors screw down so that they are flush with the deck when the cover is taken off, to prevent anyone from stubbing their toes on the anchors. 

With mesh covers, water runs through the cover into the pool, along with fine dirt.  As a result, when  a mesh cover is used as a winter cover, there will be a thin layer of fine silt on the bottom of the pool when opening.  This layer of dirt is vacuumed to waste, because, with a good mesh cover, the particles are so fine that they go right through most filters. If the pool has been properly winterized, the water will be clear, and a good vacuum and shock gets you up and running, then you balance the rest of the water chemistry. As a rule, the tighter the weave, the better the cover.  Not only does the tighter mesh keep out more dirt, it also keeps out more sunlight.  This means that it is harder for algae to grow, and lessens the likelihood of  the pool being green in the spring.  If you have a mesh cover, you should close the pool later in the season, and open it earlier in the spring.  The good thing is, you can run the pool with the cover on, so you can put the cover on when the autumn leaves or spring dander are falling, then winterize the pool at the appropriate time.

Solid Safety Covers

Solid safety covers are not, as the name would seem to imply, rigid.  The term solid, in this case, actually means impermeable.  Water does not run through the fabric, so the pool usually opens a bit cleaner than with a mesh cover, and they do not allow sunlight to pass through, so the possibility of algae growth is minimized. But there are a couple of disadvantages.  Solid covers cost more, are more cumbersome to fold, and should be cleaned periodically, since dirt does not run through.  Since a cover cannot be considered safe if water is allowed to stand on it, true solid safety covers require the use of an automatic cover pump.  The weight of the cover pump causes the cover to dip nearly to the pool water, so it is very important to keep the cover properly adjusted.  Also, there is some wear to the cover in the process of putting the pump in place and removing it.  The other option with solid safety covers is to have mesh drain panels, allowing the water to run into the pool in designated areas.  Less dirt gets into the pool than with mesh covers, because it is stopped by the straps, and a lot of it stays on the cover.  The cover should be cleaned before putting it away.  The dirt that goes into the pool still goes pretty much all over the bottom, so the only real advantage to the solid cover with mesh panels is the sunlight blockage.  Personally, I would rather have the best mesh cover over the solid with panels, or even the true solid.

Safety Cover Color Options

Most safety cover manufacturers offer both solid and mesh covers in various colors.  Green is the most popular, and is, therefore the standard color in safety covers.  Most manufacturers charge extra for colors other than green,  and, personally, I think that green is the most natural looking.  Common alternatives are black, blue, grey, and tan.  The alternative colors, to me, look out of place in most yards, and cheapen the appearance of the cover.  But, the fact that people have different tastes  is why alternative colors are offered.  What do I know, anyway.....?

Cost Effectiveness of Safety Covers

    As for cost, safety covers are, in the long run, cost effective, as well.  Cheap covers, held by water bags, usually last a year or two, where safety covers last ten, fifteen, or many more years.  They also are usually faster to put on and take off, after the initial installation.  Because safety pool covers are stretched tight across the pool, water doesn't collect on top, so there's no wet,  swampy mess to clean up, no risk of dumping that mess into your nice, clean pool, and no attraction for mosquitoes or  other pests.  But bu far, the biggest advantage of safety covers is just that.  Safety.  They can keep your family and pets from drowning.  And who can put a price on that? 

Photo, Safety Cover, Loop-Loc, Installed

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                    It's a Safety Cover!

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Loop-Loc - Made In USA

We proudly offer Loop-Loc Safety covers, which are second to none in quality, fit, and appearance.  But what are the differences? 

Loop-Loc offers a SuperDense Mesh, which is the most commonly chosen, because it is light weight, durable, low maintenance, and attractive. The SuperDense mesh safety cover is available in a variety of colors, including the standard green mesh, blue, black, grey, and tan.  The mesh cover is so strong, Loop-Loc uses a full-grown African elephant walking on the cover in their advertisements.   ("Bubbles" actually ran her tusks through the cover, and it still held up)   When You say "I want the cover that holds up an elephant", You're saying "I want a Loop-Loc!"

Loop-Loc also offers solid safety covers, called Ultra-Loc in various colors,  They are available in two versions - With drain panels, and without.  The drain panels allow water to drain from the cover into the pool so that the cover remains taught and dry.  The advantage to the Solid cover is that it blocks out more sunlight, and therefore is better at preventing algae growth.   As with the SuperDense mesh, there will usually be a fine layer of silt on the pool floor when opening the pool.  The Ultra-Loc without drain panels blocks 100% of sunlight, but, because a safety cover cannot be allowed to have standing water on it, Loop-loc requires the purchase of an automatic cover pump with all solid safety covers without drain panels.  The advantages to the Ultra-Loc without drain panels is that the pool remains crystal clear, without silt, and as a bonus, the pool water level remains about the same during the winter, because all the water from the cover is pumped away.  Either way, Loop-Loc makes a great swimming pool safety cover, and are well priced!  For to learn more about Loop-Loc, and about A-Pro Services, give us a call, send us an e-mail, or read on!

 Loop-Loc safety Covers 1    Loop-Loc Safety cover 2    Loop-Loc Safety Pool Cover 3   

 Loop-Loc Safety pool Cover 4    Loop-Loc safety cover 5

Cover Logix  By Plastimayd   Made In U.S.A

Cover Logics 1    CoverLogix2    CoverLogix3    CoverLogix4    CoverLogix5    CoverLogix6  CoverLogix7

Plastimayd has been a leader in swimming pool liners for many years, and now offers good quality safety covers, both in mesh and solid, with two grades in each type, along with limited color choices.  The solid Covers are available with drain panels or automatic pumps.  These covers exceed all requirements for Safety Covers, but are a little less expensive, and, in Oklahoma, usually a little quicker in manufacturing and shipping.  Sold directly through authorized Plastimayd dealers.

Performance Pool covers

Performance1  Performance2  Performance3  Performance4

Performance Covers, unlike those above, are marketed through wholesale distributors to authorized pool professionals, thus creating a "middle man".  Typically, they are sold through dealers who do not have direct accounts with other manufacturers.  Performance covers are included here, because they have an interesting feature .

Typically, a rectangular cover will  have a 12 inch overlap, and a custom fitted, or "form fit"  will have a 15 to 18 inch overlap.  The anchors are set about 18 inches from the edge of the cover, which means there needs to be about 3 feet of deck.  When there is less than three feet of deck, other manufacturers use short springs or D-rings.  Most manufacturers stipulate that if there are more than a certain percentage of short springs or D-rings, the cover is considered as Non-Safe.  With Performance's Reduced Deck Mount System, the anchors can be as close as 2 inches to the cover's edge, and still use a full spring.  This allows for a much better installation, and leaves us wondering.....Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?




Other Types of Swimming Pool Covers (in-ground)

There are many Types of  covers, both for in-ground and above ground pools.  In addition to the Safety Covers mentioned here for in-ground pools,  there are those which are very cheap, and have no safety features at all.  They are thin lightweight materials, usually hemmed at the edges, which are held in place with water bags,  sand bags, or other weights placed around the edges of the cover.  These covers have little strength, but are intended to keep debris out of the pool.  There is no protection to keep pets or people from falling into the pool, and the covers usually don't last as long as safety covers.  These types of covers are intended only for swimming pools that are  well protected by fences or other barriers.  Because this type of cover  is not permanently attached, the ballast (water tubes, etc) can move when rain or debris gets on the cover.  Therefore, manufacturers recommend that the cover lay directly on the water, instead of being stretched tightly.  With solid covers, rain water and debris will collect on top of the cover, unless it is removed regularly, using a cover pump.  There are also mesh covers of this type, which require floatation devices, to keep them from sinking to the bottom of the pool.


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Swimming Pool, Liners and Covers in the OKC Area

Central Oklahoma, including OKC,  Bethany, Edmond, El Reno, Del City, Midwest City, Moore, Mustang, and Yukon

  A-Pro Services is Your swimming pool, spa, and hot tub service and repair company in the Oklahoma City area. Our areas of expertise include in-ground swimming pool liner replacement,  swimming pool safety covers, and repair of pool and spa equipment including pool and spa heaters, pumps, filters, motors, controls and other equipment.  We have expert spa and hot tub service and repair technicians, and we repair and service most major brands of pools, spas, and hot tubs, pumps, motors, heaters, controls and equipment.  including Balboa, Jandy, Hayward, Pentair, Pac-fab, Rheem Sta-Rite, Sundance, Superior Spas, and Waterway. 











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