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Loop-Loc Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Oklahoma City Area including OKC, Bethany, Edmond, Moore, Mustang, El Reno, Yukon, Midwest City, Del City,  Norman

   A-Pro Services offers expert measurement and installation, and sales of Loop-Loc swimming pool safety covers in central Oklahoma. This page will help show why Loop-Loc is our first choice in safety covers for swimming pools.

A properly installed safety swimming pool cover is a durable cover which will give many years of reliable use with a minimum of maintenance, and it is important to choose your cover - and the installer - carefully. Please consider A-Pro Services. If you purchase a cover through us, we will measure it FREE, to make sure you get a perfect fit, and give you the best possible price for your cover.


About Loop-Loc Safety Swimming Pool Covers

Thoughts about Loop-Loc Covers

        Loop-Loc is both the "Cadillac" and the "Jacuzzi" of swimming pool safety covers.  What do I mean by that?  Well, Loop-Loc is the original swimming pool safety cover, is manufactured in the United States of America, and is immediately recognizable for quality and craftsmanship.  You can spot a Loop-Loc a "yard" away.... there is no mistaking a Loop-Loc safety cover.  It is one of the more expensive pool safety covers, and worth every penny.   You would not, of course, pay the price for a Cadillac, have the dealer send you home in a Chevrolet.  Both vehicles may be similar, and even serve the same function,  but you want the quality that you paid for.  (Nothing against Chevy,  all of our vehicles are currently Chevrolet - well, except for the one Caddy.... ).  But that brings me to the "Jacuzzi " part .  Jacuzzi was the originator of the modern spa.    The brand name Jacuzzi has, for many years, been used almost interchangeably with "spa" and "hot tub".  We get calls regularly where the caller wants to have their Jacuzzi repaired, when what they actually have is a spa of another brand.  Similarly, I've even been in pool stores and overheard salespeople, when asked  if they sell Loop-Loc covers, respond by saying, we have the Loop-Loc in {Brand X} and {Brand Y}!  No, they have a pool cover in those brands, not a Loop-Loc.  My point in all of this is that, you want a Loop-Loc for it's quality, and pricing is actually very reasonable for an American made cover.  I very Highly recommend that you insist on Loop-Loc -- for it's quality, safety, and attractiveness!  Some dealers use the name, then substitute a lesser brand!  Make sure it's a Loop-Loc.  Their name is embroidered into the straps.


Loop-Loc Superdense Mesh

    Mesh safety covers are the least expensive, lightest weight, and  lowest maintenance of all safety covers.  They are by far the most popular, because they remain attractive longer without needing to be cleaned, they are easy to handle, durable, and, most importantly, safe.  Loop-Loc's original safety cover gained quite a bit of fame by having "Bubbles", a full-sized African Elephant, walk across it.  To this day, Loop-Loc uses the African Elephant as their "mascot" and in their advertising. 

    Because water drains through the cover, it always remains stretched tight across the pool, so leaves and other debris dry up and blow away.  Very fine silt, however, goes through the cover, and settles to the bottom of the pool.  If the pool has been properly treated, spring opening means a quick "vacuum to waste", and the pool is ready to open.  There are a lot of trivial details touted in the sales side of the industry, like thread count of what color, how much sunlight is blocked, etc.  I've seen a lot of covers over the years, and all I can say is this:  Consistently, every year, of the pools we open which have mesh covers, Those with Loop-Loc Superdense mesh covers have been the cleanest and easiest to open.  Loop-Loc does not have a cheap coating on them just to satisfy a statistic.  A 5-year old, properly installed Loop-Loc Superdense Mesh cover is just as good, just as strong, just as safe, and nearly as attractive as new!  The standard color for Superdense green mesh is spring green.  The most common, or  "stock" sizes in green are ready for immediate shipment.  They are also available (non-stock) in   Blue, Grey, Black and Tan, at additional cost.    Covers come with all necessary  anchors, springs, sleeves, and other hardware, including installation and removal tools.

    Rectangle based covers are made with straps approximately 5' apart.  Custom, irregular shapes, or "Formfit" covers have straps every 3'.  Custom shapes are more expensive, but you should never use a rectangular cover for custom shaped pool.  The wear strips will not be in the right places, and it will void the warranty!        [ more about proper fit ] 

Loop-Loc Ultra-Loc II Solid Safety Covers

Early Loop-Loc solid covers were pretty heavy and cumbersome, but Loop-Loc now offers a lighter weight and durable solid called Ultra-Loc II.   Ultra-Loc II is available either with mesh drain panels, or as a "true solid".  Since a cover cannot hold standing water and still be considered a safety cover, Loop-Loc requires the purchase of an automatic cover pump with all solid covers that do not have drain panels. 

  One advantage to the solid covers is that they keep out more sunlight, and therefore there is less likelihood for algae growth.  Also, even with mesh drain panels, they do keep more of the fine dirt out, because the straps act as "dams" which helps keep the dirt on top of the cover, where it dries up and blows away, or is washed off the cover in the spring.  Contrary to what some sales people will say, the fine silt that does get through doesn't end up in two little squares below the drain panels.  Hydraulics just doesn't work that way.  Some of the silt will be spread around the pool, there just won't be as much of it.  The pool  usually opens clear, with the need for a quick vacuum before beginning to get the chemicals in balance.  When You have a true solid cover with an automatic pump to keep the water off, very little dirt (a little can blow in under the cover in our Oklahoma wind), and virtually no sunlight gets into the pool.  When you open the pool, you will find it pretty much in the same condition that you closed it.  Because external factors are nearly nonexistent, if the water is properly in chemical balance at closing, it will also still be pretty close upon opening.  Usually it's a quick spot vacuum, if at all, a shock treatment, and you can swim the next day.

The down side to solid covers, of either type, is that they are heavier, more bulky,  and not as easy to put away.  Loop-Loc's  new Ultra-Loc II is somewhat lighter in weight than many others, including their own previous solids, but  it is still a considerable factor. 

The other disadvantage is that solid covers need to be cleaned and dried before being put away, because contaminates and moisture  folded and rolled into the cover will be trapped inside, and cause premature failure, among other things.  Mesh covers breathe, and will dry out on their own. 


Loop-Loc safety Covers 1    Loop-Loc Safety cover 2    Loop-Loc Safety Pool Cover 3   

Loop-Loc Safety pool Cover 4    Loop-Loc safety cover 5    Loop-Loc Ultra-Loc Solid Cover Photo


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